05 July 2010

First Post is Always the Hardest...

     I have an insane inner critic.  (My internal editor will beat yours, any day!)  Through experience, I've learned that I do much better if it's disabled.  I need to just plunge in--to any adventure or ordeal--and many times, as soon as I get my feet wet, that critic eases up some, which frees my creativity and my enjoyment of the moment. 
     So, here's my new blog.  So exciting...so daunting!  The past few days, I've been frozen...not sure at all, any more, that I even want a blog. 
     But I do.  I do!!  So, I'm plunging in...well, not plunging, exactly...more like dipping my toes in the water...but still, I'm in. 

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I am curious about everything, all the time. Sometimes it's exhausting. (I even wonder WHY I wonder.) It would be so much easier to not be asking "Why?" all the time.